Sunday, 28 November 2010

Experiments In Sound & Noise Vol.1

This is a re-release of an album of mine that was originally released last year. I've only made 6 of these as it's just meant to be a nice little collectors item. It features the original album, plus a few new tracks, all as one long track. Each MiniDisc comes in a clear plastic wallet with a booklet made from old comics with a decorative letter N stamped onto the front. Inside the wallet, along with the MiniDisc, is a microscope slide, an info sheet and a small wad of monopoly money. Only three left, so act fast!

Downward Spiral
Manuscripts Don't Burn
Project Zeus
Same Song (Jazz Pancake remix)
Soft Red (Hirohito) Thunder
Shatner's Bassoon
Guitar Mess 1 Through 3

(this a self-release, i.e. not on FTR)

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