Sunday, 28 November 2010

Experiments In Sound & Noise Vol.1

This is a re-release of an album of mine that was originally released last year. I've only made 6 of these as it's just meant to be a nice little collectors item. It features the original album, plus a few new tracks, all as one long track. Each MiniDisc comes in a clear plastic wallet with a booklet made from old comics with a decorative letter N stamped onto the front. Inside the wallet, along with the MiniDisc, is a microscope slide, an info sheet and a small wad of monopoly money. Only three left, so act fast!

Downward Spiral
Manuscripts Don't Burn
Project Zeus
Same Song (Jazz Pancake remix)
Soft Red (Hirohito) Thunder
Shatner's Bassoon
Guitar Mess 1 Through 3

(this a self-release, i.e. not on FTR)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Update, November 2010

The i AM esper tapes are about half gone and the last Frozen TRASH CDrs are being sent out in the next week. The list down there on the right is generally up-to-date on what is, was and will be. Check myspace for the distro!

Coming up we have a full length CDr from Ed Wayne Lefski and a split label comp with fellow lovers of drone, Dark Meadow Recordings.

The bigcartel store ( has most of the FTR releases for sale, but not distro stuff. Contact me if you want to buy listed distro items that aren't in the store.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

FTR-08 - i AM esper - The Slumber Of The Grayscale Moths / Over The Atlantic

Out today! This C90 comes in a card sleeve with insert, wrapped in black and white cloth then tied with string. Limited to only 25, this won't last long! Released 18/10/2010

A1 The Slumber Of The Grayscale Moths [30:26]
A2 Listen And Glisten (bonus track) [6:22]

B1 Sunrise Over The Atlantic [10:46]
B2 Clouds Over The Atlantic [9:58]
B3 Seabirds Flew Over The Atlantic [4:48]
B4 Sunset Over The Atlantic [10:22]
B5 Stars Fell over The Atlantic [6:50]

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Distro update & new releases

The i AM esper cassette and O.O.O. CDr are both due out in about month; keep yer peepers peeled! Updated distro:

CDr: (£2.50 unless stated)
Barad-Dur - Under The Curse (limited to 75) [black metal]
evolv - Thoughtless Thoughts (stenciled art, great music) [ambient/electronic]
*Mitch Buchannon/Slapendehonden - split (pro covers and stuff) [grind] £3.50
Nathan Watson - Empire (limited to 50, hand-made sleeves) [post-rock]
RedSK/Nathan Watson/RxTx/Zebulon Kosted - Frozen TRASH [experimental/noise]
RedSK vs. Fbrz - African Wood Gauging Split [noise]
Surtr - Surtr [doom]
V/a - Impetus Vol.1 (antifascist comp) [noise/hardcore/various]

Pro CDr: (£3.50)
Bastardi - Decrepit Souls (A5 card packaging) [black metal]

CD: (£4)
*Entombed - Morning Star [death 'n roll]
*Entombed - Uprising [death 'n roll]

Tape: (£3)
evolv - Thoughtless Thoughts (stenciled art, great music) [ambient/electronic]
*Isa├»ah - Our first 2 years discography [screamo/hardcore] £3.50

Read more:

Currently looking for bigger trades in the UK!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Online store

CDs and tapes and stuff can now be bought online at

I can't put the full distro on there, so if you want an up-to-date distro list, e-mail me.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Out 23rd of August. Really excited about this one! 30 CDrs and 10 tapes. Act fast, especially if you're after a tape. Prices:

evolv tape - £3 (postage paid in UK)
evolv CDr - £2.50 (postage paid in UK)
extra 50p in europe
extra £1 rest of world

e-mail me to (pre-)order


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Back from holiday.

Yep. Covers for all the evolv tapes are made. Yet to finish CD covers, inserts and badges. Oh boy.

To top things off, the stereo I use for tape/MiniDisc duplication is being an ass. Bare with me!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

evolv tape

Again, final cover will most likely be blue, but I really like the look of the tape :)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

evolv artwork test

just the CDr cover for now. Background will most likely be blue; this was just a test of the stencil/paper

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Just some photos

First one is from when I was sorting through the distro over easter.Second one is of the (now sold out) - x MiniDisc. 'Aint she pretty?

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Updated distro

I've been getting rid of a lot lately to make moving out of this house a bit easier, so this distro is a bit bare. Should have both the evolv tape and CDr, Bastardi A5 CDr with poster and some of my own releases later on in summer. E-mail address is to the right if you want to talk.

Barad-Dur - Under The Curse (limited to 75) [black metal]
Nathan Watson - I (limited to 50) [folk/ambient]
Nathan Watson - Empire (limited to 50, hand-made sleeves) [post-rock]
Nathan Watson/S.F.E./Balbulus/Paregorik - Unearthly Dirge (lim.40, nice sleeves!) [drone]
RedSK/Nathan Watson/RxTx/Zebulon Kosted - Frozen Trash (lim. 40) [experimental/noise]
V/a - Impetus Vol.1 [noise/hardcore/various]

Ambiansu - Tagebuch (cardsleeve) [ambient]
The Mire - Volume:I (2 track/12 minute CD in cardsleeve) [post-metal]

Monday, 7 June 2010

FTR-04 all gone

The - x MiniDisc/CDr just sold out; thanks to Andreas from Germany for his order!

Non-label stuff

Went to an amazing gig last night (Magrudergrind, Closure plus more), nice and fast! Also managed to get a few records that'd normally cost a bit more to mailorder or I'd have to get when I'm in (continental) europe.
Spoonful of Vicodin 7"
Brutal Truth/Spazz 7"
Total Fucking Destruction/Unholy Grave 7"

The evolv ep is going to be 30 CDrs and 10 tapes, and each one should come with a pin badge. I'm going to have a go at the artwork when I go home in about 4 weeks.
Rough release date of August!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Finished flyer

Finished flyer! I'm going to print out a load of these bad boys in black an white soon. If you're a distro or someone who trades plenty, let me know so I can get some to you for distribution! Or if you're feeling extra generous, you could print some/post them online. Cheers

Friday, 4 June 2010

Web presence

Up until now I didn't really have a page for the label, I just dealt with it through my personal myspace account for my own music. Should be updates on here now...