Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Distro update & new releases

The i AM esper cassette and O.O.O. CDr are both due out in about month; keep yer peepers peeled! Updated distro:

CDr: (£2.50 unless stated)
Barad-Dur - Under The Curse (limited to 75) [black metal]
evolv - Thoughtless Thoughts (stenciled art, great music) [ambient/electronic]
*Mitch Buchannon/Slapendehonden - split (pro covers and stuff) [grind] £3.50
Nathan Watson - Empire (limited to 50, hand-made sleeves) [post-rock]
RedSK/Nathan Watson/RxTx/Zebulon Kosted - Frozen TRASH [experimental/noise]
RedSK vs. Fbrz - African Wood Gauging Split [noise]
Surtr - Surtr [doom]
V/a - Impetus Vol.1 (antifascist comp) [noise/hardcore/various]

Pro CDr: (£3.50)
Bastardi - Decrepit Souls (A5 card packaging) [black metal]

CD: (£4)
*Entombed - Morning Star [death 'n roll]
*Entombed - Uprising [death 'n roll]

Tape: (£3)
evolv - Thoughtless Thoughts (stenciled art, great music) [ambient/electronic]
*Isa├»ah - Our first 2 years discography [screamo/hardcore] £3.50

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Currently looking for bigger trades in the UK!