Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Here's a preview video for the first collection from the Indelible Niche Collective. Frozen Tendril are collaborating on the tape release.

Here are the upcoming releases from FTR (over the next 2-3 months):
FTR-14 null "Miasma" CDr
FTR-15 V/a "INC: Collection 1" double cassette
FTR-16 qwertzuiop/i AM esper CDr

Available to pre-order here:
And INC from here:

Friday, 3 February 2012

new i AM esper releases

Online store.

Now available for order is the new i AM esper 'Demos 2009' set on Frozen Tendril Records. These demos were recorded by Justin in (yep, you guessed it!) 2009, and have only been available for download. UNTIL NOW! Spread across 2 discs are some early demos that, although very different to what you would expect from i AM esper now, are yet another credit to Justin's extensive discography. These tracks feature more samples, acoustic instruments and electronic sounds than you would expect from i AM esper releases, but they truly are a beautiful set of demos.

It's really hard for me to pick just a few tracks, but 'Breathless' from Attic Recordings 2009 is up there. Really calming and ethereal work. From Music To Help My Cat Sleep it would have to be 'Purr'. This is the kind of track that takes me back to getting in at 3 or 4am with a hazy head. I'd lie on my bed, and if it was summer, the sun was already starting to rise and the birds would be out. For me, this track captures that feeling. But that's the great thing; this music will mean something different to every single person. And from The Summer That Never Happened? Part 3, I think. Simple melodic vocals lines weave in and out of pulsing beats. again, another early morning track for me.

So, here's what the set looks like:

There will only be a very small number of these for sale; maybe around 4. As I mentioned, each will come with a hand-made book. Each book has had the pages cut from card, then string-bound into a cloth cover. The first half contains all of the information about 'Demos 2009' written by myself. This includes track-listings and recording details. The second half of the book is blank. Use it how you wish. Keep a record of where you listen to the music, write about you're favourite tracks from it. Which i AM esper releases you enjoy, which you're still on the lookout for. Just don't be afraid to write in it :)

The next FTR release after this is the new i AM esper full length, titled 'Landscapes of Death and Beauty'. This will not be available on its' own until after the 'Demos 2009' sets have gone. As a thank you to anyone who buys the demos set, a free 'Landscapes...' tape will be included. The tape will be limited to 30, with each copy individually dubbed onto HF-S90 Crystal Gamma Tapes. Here they are:

So here you go: 2 discs, the hand-made book, the new i AM esper full-length tape and a pin badge (I think there are just enough left). Imagine it as a box-less box set. Find a nice box to keep it all in if you like :) Pre-order here.


Wednesday, 6 July 2011


We've finally started stocking some records in the distro. Please spend a few pounds on some so that I can afford to hopefully start (co)releasing on vinyl in the future. I definitely recommend the Human Hands 7", get this before their new ones come out!

If you think of My Chemical Romance when you hear 'emo', forget that; get this record and hear some awesome music!
Online store

Saturday, 23 April 2011

New releases available

Lots of new stuff in the distro, and a lot of it is down to the last copy. I particularly recommend the John Praw double CD (£4) but there's all sorts of other great stuff.

Available in the store. Don't forget that there are lots of releases in the distro drop-down lists here and here.

If you like to buy through discogs.com, I sell on there too: discogs store. Generally lists the same stuff as on bigcartel, but please bare in mind that discogs take a cut, so I prefer to sell through the bigcartel store.

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Whole distro now available to buy online

All distro items are now available online through either bigcartel (preferred, they charge me less in fees per sale) or discogs:
To look through the lists in the bigcartel store, just click on one of the distro 'items' and you'll see a drop-down list.
Please take a look through, there's plenty of stuff available, with plenty down to the last copy or so, and I could do with some money for new releases.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New logo. Might be permanent, might not!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

FTR-11 !

Time for an announcement!

i AM esper's new album, 'Endless Suclusion', will be released of FTR around April. Takes up one side of a C90, with the b-side featuring a re-release of an older i AM esper EP. Pre-orders will be up soon!

Also, the last lot of evolv CDrs are being traded away soon so grab one while you can :)