Demo Policy

Just a bit about how we work.

Frozen Tendril Records is mainly interested in releasing ambient and drone music, as well as dream pop, post rock, post black metal, sludge...... however, I am willing to listen to any type of music for consideration.

If you want to submit a demo, a CDr or something in the post is preferable. Ask me for my address if you want to post something.

I self-release a lot of my own music as well, so don't be put off if I don't release your stuff; I'm very busy!

If we decide to release your music (you lucky bugger!), here's some general information:
>Releases are generally CDr, cassette or MiniDisc. This usually depends on what/how much money I have!
>Unless it's a split, CDrs and tapes are normally 20-30 copies, more obscure formats even less. I like to make interesting releases with handmade parts, so I keep the numbers reasonably small (5-50)
>No racism/homophobia/etc.
>Artwork can either be printed or handmade (spray paint stenciled, fabric, ideas welcome!)
>Any music or artwork must be completely your own work