Saturday, 19 June 2010

Updated distro

I've been getting rid of a lot lately to make moving out of this house a bit easier, so this distro is a bit bare. Should have both the evolv tape and CDr, Bastardi A5 CDr with poster and some of my own releases later on in summer. E-mail address is to the right if you want to talk.

Barad-Dur - Under The Curse (limited to 75) [black metal]
Nathan Watson - I (limited to 50) [folk/ambient]
Nathan Watson - Empire (limited to 50, hand-made sleeves) [post-rock]
Nathan Watson/S.F.E./Balbulus/Paregorik - Unearthly Dirge (lim.40, nice sleeves!) [drone]
RedSK/Nathan Watson/RxTx/Zebulon Kosted - Frozen Trash (lim. 40) [experimental/noise]
V/a - Impetus Vol.1 [noise/hardcore/various]

Ambiansu - Tagebuch (cardsleeve) [ambient]
The Mire - Volume:I (2 track/12 minute CD in cardsleeve) [post-metal]

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